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What is The Hero Slack Community?

At its basic level, the Hero Slack Community acts as a communication hub - basically a group chat. However, if you wish, you can post articles, coordinate work, plan events, share files, or even have a one-to-one video call. The group is open to anyone interested in the hero space, whether it's a practical, research, or general interest.

What is Slack?

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The communication happens in channels and messages. Channels go to a large group - the largest of which is “#general”. If you post something in #general, everyone will see it. You can also create smaller channels, such as #europe, that focus on a more narrow subject. Everyone working on heroism in Europe could post Europe-specific comments there. These channels can also be private so you can use this community as a private workspace. Finally, you can post directly to specific people or groups in private chats.

You can interact with Slack on the web, desktop programs, or mobile apps.


iOS or Android


Mac OS X or Windows