What is the Hero Round Table?

Often called the TED Talks of heroism, the Hero Round Table teaches people how to be more than a bystander. From our humble beginnings in Michigan to our global series on three continents and counting, we've already seen attendees go on to do amazing things.

Most importantly, the Hero Round Table has created a worldwide community dedicated to practicing heroism. We have spurred academic research on what makes people do heroic things, and we help regular people act on what we've learned.

We spread a simple idea: that you have the power to make a change when it matters most.


What is a hero?

Everyone comes into the Hero Round Table with a slightly (or greatly) different definition of "hero". We operate on the understanding that the title of hero comes from heroic action. It sounds obvious, but it's important to understand that we focus on the verb and not the noun. Heroic action has three components:

  1. There has to be an act...

  2. ...on behalf of others...

  3. ...that includes a risk or sacrifice.

Preparing for heroism does not have to include those three things. Looking for opportunities to do little good things every day is a key piece of hero training. Our speakers address the preparation (or training) for heroism as well as the act itself.

The Impact

Lives Saved

Two different individuals have ended up saving lives as a direct result of what they learned at the Hero Round Table.

Founding Nonprofits

Attendees have gone on to found nonprofits and hold successful funding campaigns for causes around the world.

Corporate Culture

Dozens of companies around the world have committed to creating a hero culture to better serve all stakeholders.

Improved Schools

Kids (and teachers) are taking what they've learned and using it to decrease bullying, improve their schools, and reward positive behaviour.

The Team

Matt Langdon

CEO and Founder

Scott Mixer

Production Director

Thomas Sartor

Events Team