Jennifer Miller

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It all started with a little one-year bike ride across Europe and North Africa. In 2008 Jenn Sutherland-Miller set off, with her husband and four children, on what would develop into a decade-long, open-ended world tour encompassing six continents and over forty countries. They've journeyed across Europe and North Africa on bicycles, the length and breadth of North and Central America, gone deep instead of wide in Guatemala, backpacked across the mountains and rivers of Southeast Asia, Borneo and Indonesia, and they’ve thoroughly road tripped Australia and New Zealand. The girls dove into the muddy Amazon and the majestic sacred valley in Peru, while the guys sailed their boat from Canada to the Bahamas and back over nine months. Those are just their family adventures. As a strong advocate for solo female travel, Jenn has walked a thousand kilometers across France and Spain, traversed the length of the Egyptian Nile, slurped ramen in Narita, chicken bussed Central America, saved the life of a drowning man in laguna Apoyo, and crashed a motorbike in Nicaragua. She’s traveled with newborns through teens whom she worldschooled from day one clear to college. 

An early adopter of the digital nomad movement, Jenn has spent her career working at the intersection of education and adventure. With a degree in education, she works with families to design custom worldschooling programs and, very selectively, as a life coach. She is the Editor for two travel-related publications, has helped design the best backpack for urban travel, and is the co-founder of the Travel Access Project, a non-profit dedicated to getting a Gap Year on every resume by expanding opportunity through grants and educational resources. She volunteers her time with Konojel, an organization dedicated to solving the root causes of malnutrition in Guatemala, and is the director of the board of the Genesis Community for the Arts, providing arts education to children in Guatemala and Honduras. Together with her friend Keri, she wrote the book Bottles to Backpacks: The Gypsy Mama's Guide to REAL Travel With Kids a cradle to college primer on every aspect of child-life on the road for families who want more than a two-week vacation with their children. She also speaks and writes widely on transformative travel, education, and living life on your terms.

For fun, Jenn climbs volcanos, gets muddy in rainforests, hikes to hidden waterfalls, SCUBA dives spectacular reefs, swing dances in the kitchen, swings from aerial silks, reads incessantly, bakes bread, creates community for lonely people, travels as much as she possibly can, with and without her family, and once rode off into the sunset with an Arab horseman. Jenn has bet all of her chips on transformative travel as the best way to change the world, through developing understanding, compassion, and courage. To that end she leads trips for women to developing countries, advocates tirelessly for data-driven decision-making over a life ruled by fear, and seeks to inspire and empower women, specifically, to live lives of heroic proportions, at home and abroad.

WISeR PeaceMakers Event

WISeR and Hero Round Table invite those interested in supporting SF Bay Area's Campaign for Non-Violence week September 16-24 as we Celebrate 2017 WISeR PeaceMakers Event in San Francisco.  

WISeR PeaceMakers Event
Saturday, September 23, 6 pm
Marines' Memorial Theatre
609 Sutter Street, San Francisco


“This is an invitation to a long-anticipated event that is particularly relevant to these times of violent demonstrations and hate crimes. I’m hoping you will join in attending this event in San Francisco, near Union Square, on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at the Marines' Memorial Theater at 6:00 PM”.

Edith Eger, Ph.D., Brilliant Author, Engaging Speaker, Auschwitz Survivor, and Eminent Psychologist.

"The CHOICE" Inspires us all with her story of courage and forgiveness. Dr. Eger's ability to choose gave her hope for the future. Her message shows that Choice can empower us all.

"In Auschwitz, I learned to become compassionate and forgiving. You must be strong to forgive. Forgiveness is not condoning or excusing. Forgiveness has nothing to do with justice. Forgiving is a selfish act to free yourself from being controlled by your past "

  • Born in Tule Lake Japanese Internment Camp during WWII, Satsuki Ina, Ph.D. is in the film; Lauded Therapist, Educator, Speaker- "And Then They Came for Us" screening and talk
  • Law Professor David Yamada JD Ph.D. Global Authority Humiliation, Workplace Bullying, and Human Dignity. "Tools for the New Workplace: Building a Welcoming and Difference-Making Community"
  • Heidi Hardin, Fine Artist, Activist, Educator, Visionary UN Peace Project. "Global Center for the Human Family"
  • Diana Canant, International Conflict Resolution and Resilience Specialist. "Making Peace with the Past"

Justin Cessante

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Justin Cessante was born and raised on the Westside of Detroit. Justin is a 1999 graduate of Detroit Catholic Central. At DCC he was captain of the 1997/1998 Back to Back State Championship football team and ran track. He continued his career at Grand Valley State University and was on the 2002 National Championship football team. He graduated with a bachelor degree in 2004. Justin was a co – founder of HYPE (Helping Youth Progress & Excel) Athletics Community at the age of 21. HYPE is a non – profit that services the community through education, social awareness and athletics. In 2012 Justin received a Civic Leadership Award for his community service from the Twilight Foundation. Justin is the founder of the Legacy Football Organization and currently is the National Director of Football for the Legacy Organization. He also services as the Executive Director for the L.E.A.D. Foundation, a non – profit associated with Legacy. Justin serves on the Volunteer of America Board of Directors as well as the Defensive Coordinator for the varsity football team at Detroit CC. His definition of success is the positive impact people have on others through their work and efforts. His favorite quote is, “God’s gift to you is your talent, your Gift to God is what you do with it.”

Stephanie Preston

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Stephanie D. Preston is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan. She has an MA and PhD in behavioral neuroscience from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied mechanisms of decision making in food-storing animals. Subsequent to this, she held a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Neurology at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, where she used functional neuroimaging, psychophysiology, and behavioral research to understand the role of emotions on decision making.

Dr. Preston’s research is highly interdisciplinary, looking across model systems and levels of analysis with a variety of tools to investigate evolved, proximate mechanisms for complex behaviors. One line of her research looks at the mechanisms of empathy and altruism, focusing on perception-action mechanisms for feeling others’ state and the impact of evolved caregiving mechanisms on altruism. Another line of work examines mechanisms for making decisions about
resources, particularly how people decide to acquire and discard material goods, including issues of consumption, consumerism, compulsive hoarding and proenvironmental behavior. All research aims to develop a model of the ultimate and proximate mechanism for complex human behaviors grounded in research from comparative and biological models in animals.

Mark Howell


As a proud father and husband of a beautiful family of 5, Mark Howell’s passion in life is making a positive impact on other people’s lives in any way possible.  In October of 2012, at age 30 and just two short weeks following the birth of his first born son, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma, and given weeks to live...

Fast forward almost 5 years now and Mark’s health is not only stable, but this Brighton, MI native is using his second chance at life in hopes of aiding and inspiring others to overcome their own life-altering circumstances and make the most of every waking moment on earth. Mark’s profession includes running a local senior homecare provider, coaching soccer for various teams and programs, and founding/running a nonprofit to aid others in time of life-altering circumstance, all while managing life at home as a dad and husband.

Todd Palmer

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Todd Palmer is the founder and President of Diversified Industrial Staffing.   Since 1997, Todd’s companies have helped over 4,300 people secure employment, improving their lives and the lives of their families, generating more than $120 Million dollars in sales

Todd’s company was named to the prestigious INC 5000 LISTof America’s fastest growing companies an unprecedented 6 times

In 2015 Todd published his first book, The Job Search Process, which helps people get new jobs in as little as 7 Days.  He is currently working on his 2nd book about the entrepreneurial journey.

Todd is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and minor in Marketing

Phaedra McGaffey

Phaedra McGaffey was born and raised in the Pinckney/Brighton, MI area.  Phaedra is ten years old and loves drawing, school, swimming and writing.  The thing she loves most, though, is caring and helping others.  Here is how it started…in 2016 she saw a big accident that really worried her.  She decided that worrying was not enough; she wanted to figure out how to act. Through Girl Scouts she created “First Responders Jr” (FRJ) as part of her Bronze Award.  She did not do it to earn the award; she did it because she knew in her heart that helping people everywhere, regardless of her age or ability, was the right thing to do.

In 2017, when Phaedra and her family were driving home from a Memorial Day picnic there was another accident that that tugged at her desire to help.  Just before pulling into her neighborhood she realized that there were fire trucks and water everywhere, so she asked what was happening.  Her parents were not sure, yet.  Phaedra asked if they could find out, and the neighbors explained that a young couple that had recently moved into the neighborhood had lost everything as a result of a house fire while they were away for the day.  Phaedra wanted to find out if there was anything that she could do and if there was anything they needed to rebuild their life.  After getting a list of things they could use she set off to see if she could find them.  Phaedra reached out to local business owners and community partners in Brighton to ask if they could help.  In just a few short days the community filled her Dad’s truck with everything from clothes, shoes, work boots, free meals, gift cards and personal care needs!  She even found out the couple’s favorite Girl Scout cookie and made sure to include a case of Thin Mints.  By mobilizing her idea of First Responders Jr and seeking community support the young couple was able to begin the process of rebuilding!

Rudy Washington, IV

Rudy Washington IV. was born in Ann Arbor MI. Rudy is 12 years old and loves to swim, sing and play the drums. However, his biggest passion is helping others. In 2015, after reading that socks were the least donated but the most needed, Rudy founded Rudy’s Sock Drive, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Michigan. Through sock drives, Rudy collects new socks for the homeless. The socks are donated to shelters throughout SE Michigan.

However, on cold winter nights, you can find Rudy and his parents out walking the streets of Detroit giving out items to help keep the homeless warm. These items include, but are not limited to; hand and feet warmers, gloves, coats, hats, scarfs and packages of socks. All donated items must be new. One-night Rudy even walked a homeless man inside a local drug store and paid for his prescription with his last 11 dollars.

Shortly after starting his nonprofit, Rudy was bullied out of school. While being homeschooled, Rudy decided to turn tragedy into triumph. Rudy begin researching bullying, how it affects people, what to do if you are being bullied and what not to do. This is when Rudy’s No Bully Zone was birthed. Rudy now travels to elementary and middle schools raising awareness on the effects of bulling through school assemblies. This is made easy for him seeing that he loves public speaking.