Mark Eustice

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Mark Eustice was a successful AFL footballer and businessmen that suffered from undiagnosed bipolar disorder. After his football career, and without the nurturing and supportive environment a sports club can provide, Mark became clinically depressed. To cope with this depression he began to heavily use alcohol and drugs of all types. Over time these became full-fledged addictions that took over his life and led to dire consequences - mainly the breakup of his close relationships, financial ruin, poor physical health and further mental health issues. Mark lost everything, and in one doctor’s opinion, was close to death.

Fortunately Mark was persuaded by friends to enter a rehabilitation facility. This turned out to be a successful endeavor and a pivotal time in his life. His mental condition was properly diagnosed and treated and he has been drug free and sober for 10 years.

Now Mark uses his experience to help people overcome the hidden obstacles to success. While experts and statistics can help you understand the ever-growing issues of mental health and addiction, Mark’s raw and honest story provides a riveting example of what it takes to successfully come out the other side.

 “There is no weakness in reaching out – only strength in finding support.”